Some of the High value Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning Projects


  • Custody crude transfer from SA platform to tanker of ONGC

Package consisting of pumps skid, Coriolis Mass Flow Meters skid, Flow computers, Soft Starter panel for transfer of Crude oil from SA platform to tanker with transfer capacity of 600M3/hr.


  • Zero Gas Flaring for LP Flare

Achieved Zero Gas Flaring for LP gas flare at SHD platform of ONGC.


  • Free Gas Module at unmanned platform for condensate removal

The concept was to remove condensate without depressurizing at unmanned platform & inject the dry gas into gas lift grid while valuable condensate was sent to well fluid line to process platform. No rotating parts used.


  • Simultaneous Water & Gas Injection (SWAG) along with metering project.

The concept was mixing of gas with water injection & injecting the mixture into resevoir for enhancing the crude oil production.


  • Upgradation of Glycol Dehydration Unit at Heera & Neelam platform

The capacity was increased from 2.4 MMSCMD to 4 MMSCMD of gas per unit.


  • Conversion of well head platform into SMART Platform

Simaltaneous Measurement And Remote Testing platform, uses remotely operated system for testing the wells, optimization of gas injection & enhancing the production, thereby eliminating helicopter sorties to unmanned platform.


  • Creating Surface facilities for installation of ESP in well heads

The Project consisted of creating facilities for installation of VFD & allied equipments of Electrical Subemersible Pumps.


  • Ventilation System at Compressor House, Qatar Petroleum, Mesaieed, Qatar.

The project was to provide ventilation system to remove heat load from compressors.





Plant One Tree For Every Barrel Of Crude Oil Extracted.